In the Press

In the Press

“Much as its name implies, this quirky Lower East Side eatery evokes a village. The sylvan interior features a wooden hut, fake trees, a canopy of leafy greens, and a large mural of a sun-dappled mountainside, look the moxie maids. A small juice bar, where employees grind slushy fruit drinks, sits near the entrance. Service is rapid-fire and businesslike.”

I Go U Go

“Cantonese food is the main focus and the menu offers many options. […] To start, you must try it’s namesake, the congee, a rice porridge that is especially well made here. The porridge base is the same, but you can choose the ingredients to mix in. Beef, chicken with mushrooms, sliced fish, lobster, abalone and frog, pork and preserved egg, these sound exotic but are delicious. […] Another specialty is the rice in bamboo pot. This is rice cooked in a clay pot with different ingredients on top. Salted chicken, salted fish, ell, check best site.

Rough Guides

“For those of you who are fans of Chinese food, this place is a real find. […] Congee (rice soup, cooked for hours until the rice has broken down) is the standard Chinese breakfast. […] Congee Village specializes in this centuries-tested breakfast, and is known as the undisputed best restaurant for Congee in Chinatown Choose the Congee of you choice (plain, with shredded scallop, with thousand-year-old egg, with chicken, etc.) and then grab a number of small shared dishes (veg, meat, etc.) to spice it up.”

Time Out

“There is no bad food at Congee Village. Just about every dish served in this bamboo grotto (complete with plastic vines) is utterly sublime, each seemingly better than the last. […] No doubt this Allen Street anomally will make a villager of you.”